October 20, 2011

Where was I?

I’ve missed updating on a few shows because of time limitations and this almighty cold. This morning, I’m in Virden, Manitoba – Jays Inn, precisely- having a coffee in a styrofoam cup.

Sunday took us to Medicine Hat for a show at the Medalta Clayworks Museum. More on that later. For now, let me tell you that it was a very cool place and I encourage you to look it up. Medalta is a chunk of Canadian history. When I find the link (and am not typing on an iPad) I’ll send it along.

Next day we drove back to Calgary, flew to Winnipeg, rented a van and drove to Forget, Saskatchewan. Stopped in Brandon for a crazy meal, the highlight of which was ordering off of the senior menu (55 Plus Super Saver). We all ordered the pickerel, I paid $5.00 less for a slightly smaller portion. None of us could really eat it. So I threw away less on my meal than the others. Talk about being self satisfied in my meal dissatisfaction. I was pretty smug all the way to the van, I can tell you.

And then there was Forget. There is no place on earth as welcoming, no people as interesting and interested. There is nothing that compares. Shannon and Don Shakotko have created a world of art, food, music, books, bees, honey, good sleep….all earthly comfort for the body, intangibles for the soul. There is nothing -nothing- that causes a minute of discomfort. Hank and Gyda Nickels, Shannon’s folks, have the liveliest open hearts and minds I’ve encountered. The Inn of the Seven Sisters, The Happy Nun, St. Ambrose Apiaries – the heart of Forget. Go there. We were lucky in that we got to spend two nights there…well needed comfort in the middle of our tour.

Last night, Virden, Manitoba. Beautiful little theatre with a full house. Good sound, good audience….now if only I could shake the cold. Thank god Raylene and Cindy can sing.

Off to Pinawa at 11:00…five hour drive, but no show tonight. I see a nice long dinner in our future(s).

Thanks for checking in. By the way, our guitarist, James Logan, has been stellar.

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