October 24, 2009

Where is this Greytown?

First, Peg Britton nailed the photo location as Paris. Not surprising to me – Peg’s got a great big brain. Good heart, too. Her blog comes from Ellsworth, Kansas (our connection? Hometown of John Reischman’s mother, and when  Peg discovered this, she invited us to play there. Thus began a ten year or more friendship and correspondence). Her blog is about equal parts family (stellar), local events (small town USA slice o’life, plus football scores and recipes) and U.S. politics.  Check it out here: http://kansasprairie.net/kansasprairieblog/ For the political stuff alone, worth a visit…the rest is bonus.

It happens to be a grey day here in Halifax.  I’m packing my mandolin and heading out of town because no one here should have to listen to me practicing. It’s tough getting my great mitts in and around those tiny little frets.

Oh, and – another country, another meal. Where? Hint: Vaclav Havel had the same lunch that day. We talked poetry.

Lunch in...?

Lunch in...?


2 Responses to “Where is this Greytown?”
  1. Peg Britton

    I think that would be Budapest. 🙂 Do I win a trip to Halifax?

  2. Jane Greening

    Interesting how one makes life long friendships through circuitus ways.
    We’re not in Kansas any more Toto.