October 25, 2011

Where am I?

Sorry for the late post, sorry for the brevity, sorry for the pared down writing. I’m in the Halifax airport on my way to Rome, wondering how the last days of our tour slipped by so quickly.

After Virden, we forged on to Pinawa, and then to Manitou. in Pinawa, we stayed in the comfortable, clean, welcoming Pinetree Lodge. Actually, it’s closer to Seven Sisters Falls, on Dorothy Lake. Pinawa lost its hotel to a fire last year.

Manitou has the great fortune of having a population that worked to save the old Opera House, and what a worthwhile venture. Beautiful.

We were blessed with good weather throughout our tour and even found a few good meals. I like those western provinces – very much.

Big thanks to James Logan for being such a boon companion to us. Good player, good man.

Back in two weeks, when I’ll post some photos. Stay healthy.

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