May 08, 2015

Too much

After my recent tour with Cindy Church, I repeatedly heard that I should keep up my blog. I seldom get a response, so I figured: why keep doing it? Seems self-indulgent. But, I’m willing to try again.

So…what’s been going on? Our tour was great. Several sold-out houses and really great audiences.We’re looking forward to a reprise next year and a swing out west. James Logan with us (great playing), and we got to know Doris Mason – what a gal. Too talented.

Everything has been too much of late. Winter. Too much said about that. Lynn Miles – too funny, too good (looking forward to her touring out here in July). Italy – too irresistible. NYC – too exciting. Dublin – too welcoming. My beautiful sister – too precious to me. My great brother – too loving and supportive but too far away.

I received my 2015 American Federation of Musicians’ card at the beginning of the year. I’ve kept all my membership cards (too many) and the first one goes back to 1976. That’s a lotta years as my Mum would say.

I miss her a lot. Too, too true.

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