February 11, 2010

Time bombs in the driveway.

My mum and dad drive a Matrix. My sister and her husband drive a Matrix. My brother drives an ancient Camry. We drive a Prius. When we converge for a family get-together, neighbours pull their children into the house. Now, we meet at night, under the cover of darkness.

Singly, we are lethal weapons. Together, we are a platoon. We must be stopped.


One Response to “Time bombs in the driveway.”
  1. Ellen

    For the love love Mike…get yourselves a Honda or a BMW. I , as lonely as I feel , just now, am comforted by our Auto Pride. By the way, you have always been lethal weapons…with or without Toyotas . You are just the kind of lethal weapons I want to have in my corner…the ever loyal kind. Like ,I said, get yourselves decent vehicles.
    From the country mouse.