January 29, 2010

Three Valentines for Elizabeth Bishop

Here are the details, as promised, for the EB event coming up. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Oh, and if you wonder about the italics below, they are all titles of or phrases from Bishop poems.


Celebrate Elizabeth Bishop’s Birthday

Date: Sunday, 7 February 2010

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Place: Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia

1113 Marginal Road (beside Garrison Beer, just up from Pier 21)

Help Heat Her Home

(a fund-raiser for the Elizabeth Bishop House Artists’ Retreat)

Come as your favourite Bishop character or creature, or just come as What You Will. Don’t let Manners inhibit you. Come as The Man-Moth or The Moose. Have The Wit to be The Fish or The Armadillo. You might need The Patience of an Angel to be The Unbeliever or The Prodigal, but please, come flying!!

Don’t wait for The End of March or A Cold Spring. Dispel the mid-winter blahs! Come for the readings, come for the birthday cake, come for the prizes (best costume is a weekend at the EB House!!). Who knows, you might end up Exchanging Hats!!!

The Colder the Air the warmer the welcome!

Readers include: John Barnstead, Susan Crowe, Colleen Gareau, Carmen Klassen, Truman Layton, Suzie LeBlanc, Claire Miller, John Plant

Light refreshments

RSVP Sandra at: slbarry@ns.sympatico.ca or 429-6385


4 Responses to “Three Valentines for Elizabeth Bishop”
  1. suzo

    Who knew you had a blog? I have had a very pleasant evening reading all the entries, although now I feel guilty about not getting my H1N1 (or high-nigh as we call it) shot.

    I have so much to say but that would go beyond leaving a comment. Perhaps I should be writing you a letter.

  2. suzo

    Hey, who knew you had a blog! I spent a very pleasant evening reading all of the entries, except now I feel guilty for not getting my H1N1 (High-Nigh, as we say) shot. I tried to subscribe but it was too confusing and figure I can just as easily check you website once a week.

    So much to say but that would be beyond leaving a comment. Perhaps I should write a letter.

  3. Adrianne

    How I wish we could be there with all of you! I know you will have a wonderful time. Eldon and I will be with you in spirit.


  4. Susan

    If you can’t be here, spirit welcome…