October 28, 2009

Thornton Wilder

Thornton Wilder

The Bridge Of San Luis Rey is one of the finest books I’ve  read. This was Thornton Wilder’s “breakthrough” book. What does that mean? Breakthrough. Most people know him for Our Town. He once said something to the effect of “every actor should read ‘Our Town‘ every five years”. It’s like any art, I guess – good to glance back at it from time to time. It’s a great way to measure the change in oneself, if measuring change in oneself has value.

We see the physical change, of course – just line up my CD covers – now that’s change. Go inside, and you find the greater change. I remember running in to Bob Snider after not having seen him for many years. I said, without a thought, “Bob, you haven’t changed a bit” (big lie that everyone tells when they meet an old friend). He replied, “Gee, I hope I’ve changed”.

This guy is Thornton Wilder, not Bob Snider.

Oh, and – re: the N1H1 vaccination: you decide, but think on this.


And remember, masks do nothing.

Cheers, ’til next time.


One Response to “Thornton Wilder”
  1. Jane Greening

    Very interesting. I have not read the Bridge at San Louis Rey but will be prompted to now. I have read the classic Our Town however many years ago. Maybe I should start a 5 year regimen.
    And not everyone lies when they say ‘you haven’t changed’.