November 08, 2016

The Road to Stanfest

I don’t know how I neglected to post this, but better late than never, I guess.

I’m overdue in reporting on my week as an instructor at The Road to Stanfest Songwriting Camp.

Wow. What a year. The other instructors were sharp and funny and kind and smart, smart, smart. Doris Mason, Kim Dunn, Thom Swift and Steven McClintock – I can’t think of a better crew to work and hang with.

Long, full days: early morning hour – long talk from one of the instructors; first session: short break; second session; lunch; third session; fourth session; short break and dinner; short break; evening song circle; kitchen party; sleep; start over. I dropped three pounds.

Some stellar attendees, from complete novices to pretty accomplished  writers. I was happy to see some familiar faces who brought new and better songs than years past. Happy too, to meet new, brave, daring men and women who came with little but brought a lot.

More later, but for now…keep the peace.

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