March 15, 2017

The new business etiquette, apparently

I try to take the high road, but sometimes it’s impossible. I’ll just leave it at that.

I try to do these things, too:

Answer my emails, especially if they’re business related. I realize that sometimes someone else’s plans and/or schedules depend on getting information in a timely way. And, it’s common courtesy.

Not bully or push. It’s off-putting at best, damaging at worst. Discourteous.

Not try to attach my string to some else’s kite. Pushy and so transparently ambitious.

Not tell people how to do their jobs. It’s disrespectful. Discourteous.

Not burp, cough, sneeze or anything else without excusing myself. Beyond discourteous.

Not take advantage. Nasty. Way beyond discourteous.

Not be impolite. Impolite, to say the least.

Say please, say thank you.


These are my thoughts today. Don’t ask why.





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