November 19, 2009

The Big Smoke

My dear friend has a new apartment since last I visited her. It’s a treehouse, so I’m over looking the neighbourhood which is drenched with sun. Fellow birds chirp.

…that was yesterday – today it’s a very different story with the rain pelting down on this treehouse. I thank the gods it has a roof and four walls.

Today, lunch was with my friend (and producer – but friend is at the top of the list) Danny Greenspoon. A more delightful man would be hard to find. I know that beneath his flesh and bones lies a great heart – not to suggest is is usually hidden . For me, his quick-to-react brain and his good natured self-deprecation won me from the start.   But, he’s also delivered two CDs to me, both of which have made me happy.

The last one  in particular, as much for production as for the sheer delight in the very organic way it came together. Danny has a talent for talent, and even a word hacker like me can be made to sound good in the embrace of great musicians and great singers. “Greytown” feels like family, without squabbles. I could have fallen backwards and been caught by these guys and gals (yes, gals – way better than girls).

Tomorrow, off to Ottawa and the continued wondering about what to wear  to the show. “Always a bridesmaid” I wrote to a friend, so perhaps something in a nice pastel.

Oh, and I now have my guitar back. Bliss. When my fingernail grows back on my middle right finger I think I will actually play it. Big thanks to Linda Manzer ( Tony Duggan-Smith ( for the tremendous work.

It’s good here in the Big Smoke and don’t let anyone say it’s not so. Cities are just a lot of people surrounded by different architecture.  Some good of both here.

Good night. Have a sweet dream.


3 Responses to “The Big Smoke”
  1. Doug Miller

    Susan…I’m delighted to hear your voice and songs again and again…you stand tall among my favorite singer songwriters.
    I’ve often commented about your music to my daughter Brooke Miller…who is now living in Hfx with her husband Don Ross…I hope she has listened to her fathers cues…I believe she has.
    Hope to catch you live again one day…here in Ontario…only ‘this far from home’
    all the best
    Doug Miller

  2. Carol-Anne Grenier

    Congradulations on the win last night. I look forward to hearing you live one day.

  3. Jane Greening

    Not so much a bridesmaid this time, Susan. Great work for great work.