Raylene Rankin Archive

April 10, 2013

Lambs In Spring

  In a few days, Raylene’s “Lambs In Spring” for the first time will be available on iTunes and CDBaby – and lots of other digital download sites. It’s beautiful, without a doubt.

April 05, 2013

Lambs In Spring

Folks, in a few days “Lambs In Spring”, Raylene’s first CD, will be available for download on iTunes, CDBaby, and most of the other digital download sites. I know, but had forgotten, how beautiful it is. There’s an added poignancy, now that she is gone. I’ll post the details when I receive them…hope you seek […]

February 22, 2013

Raylene Rankin’s All the Diamonds – Juno nomination

A great honour for which Raylene would have been proud and happy, a Juno nomination for “All The Diamonds” in the Adult Contemporary category. Well deserved, but again, bittersweet. How we wish she were here to enjoy this. Jamie Robinson should be congratulated, too, for his great contribution to the CD’s success. More later…..

February 11, 2013

Goodbye, Gillis Mountain

Last night, a dear friend gave me a copy of Diane Keaton’s biography “Then Again”.  It was bookmarked to an end chapter and my friend asked if I would read those few pages aloud. Those pages listed the small things that fade and sink into memory – children’s play, things found, songs sung. Imagine my […]

January 17, 2013

All The Diamonds honoured with ECMA nomination

            Hard to know what to think when I heard the news of an East Coast Music Award nomination  – Best Solo Recording – for All The Diamonds. Certainly know how I feel: sad that Raylene’s not here to enjoy this moment in time; incredibly proud of this part of […]

December 18, 2012

A long good-bye

Today the last Rankin, Church and Crowe CD was ordered by someone in Victoria. Things move toward a professional ending, but Raylene will be with us in spirit always. We cherish that recording we did together . We came together in an odd sort of way. Not thrust together, but cobbled together. This is how […]

October 09, 2012

One day in an airport

A happy day – teaching Raylene to text.  Missing her everyday. http://www.cbc.ca/thesundayedition/popupaudio.html?clipIds=2241542222

October 01, 2012

Raylene Rankin – beloved friend

I’m sad beyond words about the death of my beloved friend and respected colleague, Raylene Rankin. There can be no measuring this loss, this grief. Simply put, she was best in many respects. As a friend, true to a fault. As a colleague, generous, brilliant, kind and reliably solid. This remained so even when she […]

June 05, 2012

Raylene Rankin – The Sunday Edition

Ok…here’s the interview http://www.cbc.ca/thesundayedition/popupaudio.html?clipIds=2241542222   You have to hear it.

June 01, 2012

Raylene Rankin on Sunday Edition CBC

Just to let you know that Raylene Rankin is being profiled on The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio 1. Raylene, perhaps for the first time, talks about her life, her family – and the cancer with which she lives. Interspersed throughout the piece are songs from All The Diamonds, her latest CD. I urge you to listen. […]