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February 02, 2016

Cindy Church and Susan Crowe

Just posted a photo montage of Cindy and me – old and relatively new shots. Interesting to see how the years transform one, not to mention make-up and lighting. Magic, really. Hmmmm…may this is how you get to it….hmmm.  

March 09, 2015

Gearing up for April

Just to let you know that our little tour starts a month from today….check out the dates and places. As for the photo here, that’s Cindy with the sax. I’m the one with the hat. The guy grabbing the sax is our opening act who just will not give up. 

November 05, 2009

A brush of air

Regard the picture above. It’s the inside photo of Greytown, and it is largely untouched (photographically  speaking – I’m often moved to pat it affectionately, but that’s for another day). There was a bit if a fuss over the decision to not airbrush it. When I nixed it and had the CDs in hand, more than […]

October 24, 2009

Where is this Greytown?

First, Peg Britton nailed the photo location as Paris. Not surprising to me – Peg’s got a great big brain. Good heart, too. Her blog comes from Ellsworth, Kansas (our connection? Hometown of John Reischman’s mother, and when  Peg discovered this, she invited us to play there. Thus began a ten year or more friendship […]

October 23, 2009

Show at the Carleton

I’m glad to tell you that I’m doing a solo show next year at the Carleton Hotel in Halifax. This is a great little place, not only for listening, but for actually hearing. Instead of monolithic speakers squeezing into the stage, great hunks of wires and grills around which you hope to find the right […]