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March 31, 2016

The Road to Stanfest

Great to be invited back as an instructor at the Road to Stanfest. Hands-down, one of the best experiences of my writing life. And interesting, because they hire me despite the fact that I can’t offer much in terms of understanding and mastering the music industry. And definitely not for my good looks. What makes […]

November 22, 2015

April 2016

Very happy to tell you that Cindy and I will be doing our annual tour in April of 2016…new year, new stuff. Really looking forward to it….stay tuned.  

February 22, 2013

Raylene Rankin’s All the Diamonds – Juno nomination

A great honour for which Raylene would have been proud and happy, a Juno nomination for “All The Diamonds” in the Adult Contemporary category. Well deserved, but again, bittersweet. How we wish she were here to enjoy this. Jamie Robinson should be congratulated, too, for his great contribution to the CD’s success. More later…..

August 06, 2010

Fall dates with Rankin, Church and Crowe

Just an early word about our fall dates…. October 19th @ the Carleton. Last time we were there, we did two great nights and we really glad to see so many people. The Carleton is about the greatest little listening rooms I’ve played. And you can eat and drink. Well, I can’t (guitar in the […]

July 27, 2010

She’s back

What a summer so far. Between the heat, humidity, torrential rains and company it’s been hard to sit down to the keyboard. The heat enervates, the humidity more so. The rains – well, as the great songwriter Roy Forbes says: the farmer needs the rain. The company welcome and easy. Going back to my week […]

January 20, 2010

Road to Stanfest

I’ll be in Sherbrooke Village again this year as an instructor at The Road to Stanfest. This is good news for me – I loved it last year. This year, J.P. Cormier, Clary Croft and I will spend four days or so in workshops and performances. Another instructor TBA… Here’s a link to the site: […]

December 11, 2009

CD Baby

Greytown will be made available on CD Baby in audio CD and MP3 format. Link after the jump.

October 23, 2009

Show at the Carleton

I’m glad to tell you that I’m doing a solo show next year at the Carleton Hotel in Halifax. This is a great little place, not only for listening, but for actually hearing. Instead of monolithic speakers squeezing into the stage, great hunks of wires and grills around which you hope to find the right […]

October 09, 2009

Susan Crowe Nominated for CFMA

Nominees for the fifth edition of the Canadian Folk Music Awards were announced today in Ottawa, and Susan has garnered a nomination for the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2009, English Songwriter of the Year award.

September 29, 2009

Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the launch of the new site! To coincide with the release of Susan’s new album, Greytown, we’ve updated and improved the site. We will be moving all of the previous content to this new site over the next little while, and of course adding new content. So be sure to check back soon, or why not subscribe to the RSS feed and receive updates automatically?