Halifax Archive

September 21, 2016

ROCA House

Thank you all who came out to ROCA in Thursday night. We were knocked out by the numbers and the incredible response. Robert Campbell and Cailin Marie Green are heroes. What they bring to the arts scene here is welcome and necessary. Folks give the artists applause, but places like this give artists their livelihood. Bravo, […]

February 29, 2012

John Reischman & The Jaybirds

Here’s the great thing about John Reischman and The Jaybirds: they’re coming to Halifax on March 27th and playing at the Carleton. Truth be told, there are many great things about John and his band, but for me it’s especially good to know he’s coming to town. John and I go back to my first […]

February 02, 2011


In addition to this being Groundhog Day, it’s also a Snow Day. They do it sensibly out here.  Schools are closed. Liquor stores are open. Driving’s tough. A lot of all-season radials are crying on off-ramps. Fools! Even the good drivers stay put -a sensible caution-wanting to avoid the panicked drivers and the silly little […]

March 16, 2010

The Carleton show

I say before each performance: the day will come, the day will go. I say this because I’m not immune to the nerves and anxieties that many people suffer when facing public speaking or even standing up and stating their name in New Age-y support groups. I say this because, should it be a failed […]