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January 02, 2011

Last year in review – abridged

After being gently chastised for not blogging regularly, I have committed to, at least, trying to keep with it. I can’t resolve to do it because I so often fail to stay faithful to resolutions. And, who knows what great distractions will sway me? What I can do is recollect the past year. My calendar […]

August 17, 2010

Appliances, then and now.

Yesterday – and today, too – I washed and waxed the floors. I remember my mother doing this. I remember her answering the telephone and saying to a friend who, presumably, was asking what she did that day. “Oh, not too much,” she would say. “I washed and waxed the floors”.  How long can it […]

May 12, 2010

When the weather shifts

First: thanks, Brandon, for the offer to look into my server trouble. You are a prince. Second: The blogs are sporadic, I know. But look outside. Grass. Flowers. Intermittent sun. Blogging or being outside. Which would you choose? Neighbours have appeared beyond the fence wearing dirty clothes, the inexplicably popular Crocs, broad-brimmed hats or ball […]

March 03, 2010

Home and its abundant joy

After an early morning drive from Prince Albert to Saskatoon – and following a long flight delay – we departed for home. A bit of concern in making the connecting flight from Toronto to Halifax, but we made it – not without some frantic hustling and hearing my name called over the announcement system. When […]

March 02, 2010

Best travel tip

Our great guitarist and all round wonderful guy offered up this travel tip. It may be one of the best I’ve heard in some time. It is: in hotels, slip the remote control into a ziplock bag to avoid the bugs left behind by previous guests. Very good tip. Thank you, Clarence Deveau.

March 01, 2010

Day 9?

We’re in the Calgary airport, departing for Saskatoon very soon. At least, we hope so. Some question about whether our luggage will arrive with us. Perhaps it will be two hour Q@A I think this is Day 10, not Day 9. Some confusion on my part, owing to my numbers phobia.

February 11, 2010

Time bombs in the driveway.

My mum and dad drive a Matrix. My sister and her husband drive a Matrix. My brother drives an ancient Camry. We drive a Prius. When we converge for a family get-together, neighbours pull their children into the house. Now, we meet at night, under the cover of darkness. Singly, we are lethal weapons. Together, […]

February 02, 2010


A great day for waiting by the door. Two deliveries, each long anticipated. Surprising me pleasantly was the delivery of a new travel coffee-maker, followed by the delivery of a quilt my cousin made for me. The coffee maker will save me from bad coffee on the road, and the worst of the bad (my […]

January 04, 2010


My family is very much in my mind these days, for various reasons. Perhaps it’s the end of the year – beginning of the year combination of nostalgia and anticipation – memory and hope. A reminding of love and affection. My generation speaks of love carelessly, and we assign the word to a number of […]

December 24, 2009

A Christmas Star

Oh, there are good memories. Certainly, the year my two-year old sister woke early and tore the wrapping from every gift stands out. My mother remembers it well, too – and all too well.  It was the Christmas of the blanket thank-you: we will always treasure whatever it is you gave us. From various Christmases, […]