birthday Archive

December 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Danny Greenspoon

…and Lisa Kent and Charlie Greenspoon. Have you met Danny? What a goof. Who does he think he is? Big shot producer, wine snob, Scotch snob, wanna be tennis pro. Oh, and he thinks he can cook. What a goof. Well, ok…maybe not such a goof. Great producer, generous friend, fantastic dinner companion, oblivious to […]

January 25, 2010

A day unlike others

It was my birthday recently, and it was a good one. It started with sleeping until I woke. It’s true that I do that most mornings, but it’s especially sweet on a birthday. Even if it’s the same old 7:30 to which I’m accustomed, it’s a joy. There was exuberance in my partner as she […]