October 23, 2009

Show at the Carleton

I’m glad to tell you that I’m doing a solo show next year at the Carleton Hotel in Halifax. This is a great little place, not only for listening, but for actually hearing. Instead of monolithic speakers squeezing into the stage, great hunks of wires and grills around which you hope to find the right place to hear, the Carleton has small, very high quality speakers located all around the L-shaped room. They’re unobtrusive – no view is blocked – and they really deliver. There’s no bad place to sit in terms of hearing. It’s a comfortable, hip little room with a great bar and restaurant. Mike Campbell and Mike Rhodes got it right. Check out their website. http://www.thecarleton.ca/

Oh, yeah- my show is March 14th. It won’t be on the Carleton’s site yet, but will in the New Year.

Ok….question of the week: where was this taken? Let me know in “comments”…

Our man in...?

Our man in...?


5 Responses to “Show at the Carleton”
  1. peg britton

    Our man in Paris….Champs Elysees…

  2. Susan

    Paris is correct…Champs Elysees, not quite, but darn close. Good eye, Peg.

  3. Jane Greening

    It’s gotta be Paris. Although my father wore a beret, it was because my mother made him. Gotta be.

  4. Gerald Cross

    Could it be the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore
    in the 5th arrondissement, in Paris’s Left Bank ? I’ll be
    flubbergusted if I’m right…

  5. Susan

    Right Bank, but darn good guess, Gerald.