November 21, 2011

Raylene’s new CD – All The Diamonds

Raylene Rankin  I’m so, so happy to tell you that Raylene’s CD is available on this website. If you go to the Music Store, you’ll find a PayPal button that will allow you     to pay online. I’ll pop one in the mail to you. These are pre-release sales – the CD won’t be in the wider market until 2012. It will also be on the    Rankin, Church and Crowe website soon.

This record was a joy to make. Jamie Robinson was the studio producer. When I speak of his work, I can’t praise him more highly. Great players:      Kim Dunn, Jamie Gatti, Kevin Breit, and Jamie R., too. Solid song choices.

The star of the show is Raylene’s voice, though. Mature, expressive, closer, more intimate. The whole thing feels natural, and the real character of         her voice in evident from the first notes.

This is a great CD. I’m proud to have been involved in it. Nice cover, too. Kelly Clark took the photo Jason (Evul) Otis did the design.

Hope you buy it. Hope you like it.

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