October 01, 2012

Raylene Rankin – beloved friend

I’m sad beyond words about the death of my beloved friend and respected colleague, Raylene Rankin. There can be no measuring this loss, this grief.

Simply put, she was best in many respects. As a friend, true to a fault. As a colleague, generous, brilliant, kind and reliably solid. This remained so even when she was ill.

However, it was being a mother and wife that most defined her. Her love for her husband and son was foremost. It was a pleasure to see her smile and watch her eyes light up when she spoke of them.

Today, I can’t say more than this. Memories pool in my mind, but too many to set to page and too flooded with sadness to understand. All The Diamonds





2 Responses to “Raylene Rankin – beloved friend”
  1. Catherine Kerr

    My thoughts and Sylvia’s flew to you on hearing the news. The person you describe was captured achingly well in the CBC Sunday edition feature, which we sat together to hear. The roof window above us framed a wan blue sky and the sere leaves of our big cherry tree as Raylene’s pure voice gave us the best possible reason to rejoice in life and breath — and, of course, to grieve about the shortness of such a mortal span as hers.

    We send virtual hugs across the country, though well aware that consolation is beyond the capacity of any gesture.

  2. Robin Nuttall

    My heart was broken when I heard that Raylene Rankin had passed away.
    She was such a sweet soul,with a voice from heaven.
    Raylene will be so missed by our family. My condolances to the Rankin family.

    Robin and Elizabeth Nuttall