November 28, 2017

Life and golf

The end of 2017 approaches and I cast my mind back to its beginning. Stirring with the joyful anticipation of new places, new projects, happy reunions and renewed zeal for whatever lies ahead, I approached it like the naive golf approaches the next tee-off, imagining that long straight drive, the solid shot from the fairway, the elegant pitch and finally the rolling putt that tips into the hole with that repeating sound of it bouncing off the bottom. Hope, only to hope again when the dream dissolves. Still, at the end of it, I’m better for it.

Such is the start of a new year. It was good, this past one. Lots of travel, some great results of healthy collaboration, continued love of my partner (of 36 years – who knew? I did) and my beloved siblings.  And friends…what loyal friends I have to put up with long silences and distance.

Some frustrations, some troubles and even an occasional woe, but standing back and looking at it now I see that another year has passed and I’m still standing.

There’s a new golf technique coming into vogue. Instead of looking down at the ball while putting, one looks at the hole and then putts – much like a hockey player or basketball player looks at the net or the hoop before the shot. Interesting.

But in my world, in which I often look down, I always take that quick glance up and then back down to see what I was doing. In my perfect world, I’d have a 9 handicap.


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