January 02, 2011

Last year in review – abridged

After being gently chastised for not blogging regularly, I have committed to, at least, trying to keep with it. I can’t resolve to do it because I so often fail to stay faithful to resolutions. And, who knows what great distractions will sway me?

What I can do is recollect the past year. My calendar – a tiny nutshell of dates and events – is a handy tool in remembering some things, but most of the day-to-day is lost to time bled away.

So, the year looked (sort of) like this:

a few good tours with Cindy and Raylene – fun, work, fun work;

a solo show at the Carleton which I was grateful to sell out, despite the no-show of every Facebook friend who accepted my invitation – an invitation so carelessly extended via mass-email gets the response it deserves;

a show in Kitchener with Cindy and the great Gwen Swick;

a solo show at C’est What in Toronto for an audience of 14 people, 12 of them friends;

another songwriting camp at the Road to Stanfest – four days of a sharp red pencil and JP Cormier, Dave Carroll and Clary Croft working on, in and around some really good songs and some really bad songs;

a trip to London and Paris with my partner and help-meet – very,very good;

three days and one show in Forget, Saskatchewan, home of Ananda Art House, Inn of the Seven Sister, The Happy Nun, St. Ambrose Apiary, all created and run by beloved friends Shannon and Don Shakotko with the help of Hank and Gyda Nickles – go there and see how to live and create something bigger than yourself;

a quick few days in New York to see the lights.

In and around these events there was plenty of company, dear friends, lots of family, illness and hope, sadness to varying degrees and seized times of joy.

Oh, and baby-sitting of babies, child-caring of children and dog-sitting of dogs. Everyone needs a willing spinster aunt, even if  they do like a martini once or twice a day.

I do have hopes for next year. I hope to return to a great love: beekeeping.  I hope my hair continues to turn white. I hope I get some work. Above all, I hope my family stays well and has happiness.

That last one, I hope for you, too, and to all those you love.

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