May 20, 2011

Just do your job (s).

Repair people, city workers, songwriters, concert presenters, spring flowers, sun, toothbrushes, wine, cats…I repeat:  just do your job(s).


One Response to “Just do your job (s).”

    Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the concert at Great Village Church last evening. It was the first time we have heard yourself and Cindy, although we have enjoyed Raylene’s talent many times. The music last night was suoerb, but the atmosphere was just so comfortable and relaxed. Not often we get so close to the performers that we can enjoy the expressions as well as the harmony and humor. I note on your web that you perform Nationally too, so we are very fortunate to go just a few miles for such and experience the best of the best right here at home. Thanks again for such an enjoyable evening, Sybil and Bill McCurdy.