February 29, 2012

John Reischman & The Jaybirds

Here’s the great thing about John Reischman and The Jaybirds: they’re coming to Halifax on March 27th and playing at the Carleton.
Truth be told, there are many great things about John and his band, but for me it’s especially good to know he’s coming to town. John and I go back to my first CD, many long years ago. I saw him in concert with Kathy Kallick (the great Kathy Kallick), and thought “If I ever start playing again this is the guy I want”. And somehow it happened. I don’t know how I started playing again (well, maybe I do, but it’s such a long and boring story) but I’m really not sure how John ended up on the CD. I do know this: we’ve been great friends ever since. See? Another great thing about John.
John, the musician, is easily one of the most musical guys I’ve ever met. It’s said that he’s in the top five players in the world, I lean toward believing that. His tone on the mandolin is rich and deep – none of the plinky-plink that one hears from some players. John, the friend, is the most generous musician I’ve ever met. At folk festivals, where there can sometimes be a cast of dozens all on stage at once, he listens to the other players, adds a very subtle but beautiful back up to whoever happens to be playing at the time, all the time being completely unobtrusive.
Well…you get the gist. If you live in Halifax or close to it,  you’re planning to get out of the house and have a hankering for good food, good drink and very good music, go to the Carleton on March 27th. The band is dazzling. Fingers will fly and fretboards will burn.

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