November 16, 2009

Guitars, award shows and a decided lack of cool

Tomorrow I head off for Ontario. Toronto first, to pick up my beautiful little Manzer guitar which has been in the shop for almost 11 months. Somehow, it suffered some fair to middling damage that can only be attributed to an airline. I guess I could have made a big fuss over it – but really, it was broken, now it’s fixed, and that’s all I care about. These things happen, and while I wish all airlines appreciated the value and importance of musical instruments, it probably won’t change.

Then on to Ottawa, where the Canadian Folk Music Awards are being held on Saturday night. Oh, how conflicted I am about attending. The reasons are so trite. It boils down to what I’ll wear and how I’ll behave. I have trouble in deciding what to wear to these sorts of events. No matter what I choose, I always look a shade like a freshly retired nun –  so conservative that I’m mistaken for an usher, or the head of hospitality at a three star hotel. I’m not cool.  I lack the knack and look stupid in trendy clothes (you will never catch me wearing those ill-fitting maternity type tops although they would hide a lot of unusual body topography).

Then there are my social problems. Known for saying careless and potentially harmful things, I smile and nod until my teeth are stick-dry and my neck is sore. In short, I’m an awkward gal with an inclination to gaffes and embarrassing slips. This, combined with my mother of the bride outfits, make for interesting forays into the world of musical events. I’m almost always taken for someone’s mother. Someone’s mother who drank too much.

But still, I’ll go – and I’ve enjoyed this month or so of being a nominee. Experience speaks a sobering truth, though: you can go from chuffed nominee to sad-sack loser in the utterance of a few words –  if you choose to. I’ll choose my sober black suit, a decent red wine, and have as good a time as a retired nun might on her first night out of the habit. Good enough for me.


4 Responses to “Guitars, award shows and a decided lack of cool”
  1. Jane Greening

    You’ll be fine – and who cares if you look like a nun in a habit? You’ll be able to say anything you want and everyone will just say, ‘yes, sister’. What to wear to these events must be a trial – fancy dressy? Glittery cowboy boots and a fringe jacket? Not you. Stick with the nun outfit. And be obnoxious.

  2. Jane Greening

    You know what would be really nifty? If we could hear some snips of your music on your site.

  3. Susan

    Working on a player right now….stay tuned.

  4. April McGrath

    Funny,you’ve never come across as nun-like to me…but what do I know.Good luck! You have my vote.