August 06, 2010

Fall dates with Rankin, Church and Crowe

Just an early word about our fall dates….

October 19th @ the Carleton. Last time we were there, we did two great nights and we really glad to see so many people. The Carleton is about the greatest little listening rooms I’ve played. And you can eat and drink. Well, I can’t (guitar in the way) but you can. Fabulous sound there, by the way.

October 21st @ The Marigold Theatre in Truro. There last May, sold out and had a really great time. The Aeolian Singers were in town that night, so quite the rendezvous at the hotel afterwards.

October 22nd @ King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal. Cindy and I played there last fall, and were pleased to see so many people who drove from some of the smaller communities to see the show.  and – bonus – the next day my Karsdale neighbour told me that I looked very nice the previous evening. He’s fussy, so I was quiet pleased.

October 23rd @ The Chester Playhouse. Haven’t been there for a along time, and never with Raylene. Should be good.

After that, I head out west, and Raylene sets out on a Rankin Family tour. I call them RanFam, just to sound cool.

Cindy? Well, she’ll just have finished her new album, and will be heading out with it.  I’ve heard some tracks, and I think it’s the best I’ve heard her singing. Ever. So you know that has to be pretty darn good. Great even, although don’t tell her I said that.

So, more nudging later, but if you could pencil in the date closest to you….well, we’d really appreciate it. Even more if you came to a show….

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