August 27, 2010


Somehow, I managed to turn off the automatic forwarding system of Facebook. I didn’t intend to do this, but it’s happened. In order to make any changes, pick up messages (with the recent exception of the talented Jill Barber, whose messages find their way to my real email – this is a mystery) or hear about about events, I have to go to the page and login.

This works well, to my mind. I like hearing from people via this site. It reassures me that someone’s reading. Other than some of my family.

Today, on my page, I posted an upcoming event at the Carleton. Rankin, Church and Crowe will be performing there on October 19th. While posting it, I remembered the event invitation I sent before my show at the Carleton on March 14th. I think I had about 30 responses from folks who checked the “will be attending” box. A few “maybe attending”.  the night came, and I was very happy with the capacity turnout. But, in thinking about it later, I realized not one “will be attending” or “maybe attending” person attended.  Odd. Just sayin’.

I see where Rose Cousins is playing The Company House on September 3rd and 4th. Go see her…she’s good. Very good. Here’s the scoop on the venue:

The Company House
2202 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS B3K 3B4

Phone: (902) 404-3050

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