February 19, 2010

Day 1

This morning, in the Airport, I went to the small gift store pick up some mints. My wallet was stuffed in my bag and, reluctant to dig it out, I dug into my pocket and came up with $1.30.

How much for these mints, I asked. “$1.79″. How much for these, I again asked. The gal, sensing a pattern, said”the cheapest we have are $1.69”.

“Oh, ok, ” I said. “Thanks.”

I left and went back to the gate where boarding had started. I was chatting with Raylene when man in airport security tapped my arm. “uh oh” sez I.

He held out his hand and there was a package of the mints I had been wanting.

Only in Halifax.

Here’s where I am now: there’s supposed to be a picture here. Let me know if it didn’t appear.



2 Responses to “Day 1”
  1. Cathy McMullin

    Hey Girls…I got see you on Day 1 rockin out in Rocky View aka Airdrie….we so enjoyed the show. I was the chick flashing the camera during My One and Only Life…hope it didn’t bother you. The Airdrites loved you. My friend Patti said the next time you are travelin through her new house will house will be built and she and her hubby Brian (Arnold) Murray will host you for your favorite ethnic feast. I however will sign up to be your roade and rock on with folky funk. Nice to see you Susan.

  2. Jane

    Awesome show in Airdrie tonight – really enjoyed it. Thanks