February 04, 2013

Bluebird North(east)

What a time at the Music Room on Saturday night.

For years now, the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) has held song circles named Bluebird North in homage to the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Great little showcases of writers which (usually) leave behind the schtick and schmooze of the the bid’ness of songwriting. They’re always fun – unless you get a hotdog vendor onstage with you who is clearly there to sell…er…hotdogs, despite and at the expense of everyone else on the stage. They usually come with a lot of ham and a load of cheese.

Not so Saturday. The very fine emerging songwriter, Mel Farrimond, created a Bluebird North in Halifax at the Music Room in the city’s North End. Ian Sherwood, Chelsea Amber, Erin Costello and I were the invited artists. Really nice mix, really collegial and fun, fun, fun. Lots of good questions, very inclusive and some truly wonderful songwriting.

Erin Costello – my new songwriting crush – played to the point of jaws audibly dropping in the audience. You know, when you can actually here the collective intake of breath after a song. But everyone was good in their own way. Even I was not so bad.

Saturday nights lead to Sunday mornings and this one, which came in with snow and wind, was made less cold by last evenings memory. Thanks Mel, and thanks SAC.



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