March 02, 2010

Best travel tip

Our great guitarist and all round wonderful guy offered up this travel tip. It may be one of the best I’ve heard in some time.

It is: in hotels, slip the remote control into a ziplock bag to avoid the bugs left behind by previous guests.

Very good tip. Thank you, Clarence Deveau.


One Response to “Best travel tip”
  1. Catherine DeGeer


    My sister and I — she from Black Diamond, I from Canmore, attended your concert in Bragg Creek on Saturday night. What a great time we had and such heavenly music. Thank you! Sat beside an interesting woman who was there on her own and told us her daughter’s story — cancer and going to Mexico for treatment, which so far has been successful. Praise be to the Creator for that! It was the eve of the 4th anniversary of our father’s death, so it was appropriate that we were together. We both thought Daddy was with us — he loved music, supported all 6 children in musical endeavours, couldn’t carry a tune, but sang all the time!1

    Thank you so much — you are an enchanting entertainer, easily as talented as your mates on stage with you.