June 20, 2014


I miss the loves ones I’ve lost.

I recall my mother asking in reference to my youngest sister, now gone these three years: does she miss me like I miss her? Her other question: how big is heaven? Unanswerable.

And now I ask, in reference to my mother, now gone a year: does she miss me like I miss her? My other question: how big is heaven? Still unanswerable.

Death tests the faith of the faithful and the faithlessness of the faithless.

Click here to listen.  Autumn Leaves Are Blue


One Response to “Tests”
  1. Mike O'Brien

    I heard a voice on the way home from an outdoor adventure.The voice took me back to the late 60’s.I loved that voice then and I must say it is richer today for with in the voice lies the passing of time.I wish you well Susan and if I may a part of me will always remember Miss Susan Crowe of Cow Bay.I am sorry to hear about your mother and sister at times i feel cheated by not what I have said to own Mother but by what I can not say.
    Regardless I was happy to hear the voice yours and if you do not recall me no matter what does matter is that you developed your talent as I knew you could.All the best,Mike O’Brien formerly from Shearwater NS and GCHS.