January 17, 2013

All The Diamonds honoured with ECMA nomination

Raylene Rankin - All The Diamonds







Hard to know what to think when I heard the news of an East Coast Music Award nomination  – Best Solo Recording – for All The Diamonds. Certainly know how I feel: sad that Raylene’s not here to enjoy this moment in time; incredibly proud of this part of her legacy; privileged to be the keeper of this flame.

We both knew this recording could not have been made without Jamie Robinson as musical producer. He’s a talented man. Moreover, he’s a decent man, trustworthy and reliable. I know Raylene’s first words would be that Jamie deserved the honour. That, of course, says as much about her as it does Jamie.

We miss her still, with a sadness that at times seems to deepen more than abate. Persistant wondering and failed attempts to understand. These times serve to test the faith of the faithful, and the faithlessness of the faithless.




2 Responses to “All The Diamonds honoured with ECMA nomination”
  1. david abbott

    I listen to this jewel of a CD most days these days. Hugely poignant as well as simply outstanding musicianship. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  2. Susan

    Hello David,
    For me, many layers of memory are revealed. I cherish them. Thanks for sending your kind words….susan.